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Dr. Harold Nemetz is a dental expert witness assisting both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys with General and Prosthetic Dentistry matters.

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Category: Patient Education/Informed Consent

What is Dental Malpractice?

Dental malpractice is a form of professional negligence where a dentist does not provide an adequate standard of care for a patient, and the patient experiences harm as a result. Patients can sue for damages, collecting funds to pay for any necessary medical treatment as well as pain and suffering the patient may have experienced. Dentists and other medical professionals carry malpractice insurance to help them respond to suits and cover any damage awards.

Dentists are held to a high standard of professional care because they receive advanced training and professional certifications, and clients expect their dentists to provide appropriate treatment. A dentist who injures a patient by failing to follow standards and practices of the industry, maybe committing professional malpractice. Mistakes, even if not intentional, can be grounds for a dental malpractice suit if a patient can show that the dentist didn’t exercise due care.

Dental malpractice can potentially leave patients with very high medical bills. They may need additional surgery to correct unfinished or inappropriately formed procedures. It is also possible to experience complications that may result in chronic disease and other problems. A dentist may, for instance, extract the wrong teeth, forcing the patient to get more extractions to pull the correct teeth and causing permanent discomfort for the patient. In some cases, it can even be fatal, in which case survivors of the patient would file suit to recover compensation for the loss of a family member.

Dentists use numerous procedures to keep their patients safe and maintain safe working conditions at their clinics. These include properly training staff, using informed consent for procedures, and interviewing patients carefully to collect a full medical history. Even with these measures, dental malpractice is a risk, and most dentists carry insurance so that in the event of a suit and damage award, the insurance will pay.

Patient Education: Informed Consent

Patient education is often overlooked.  Just because the patient does not ask questions about the proposed treatment does not mean they understand what is going to be done and accept the treatment.

INFORMED CONSENT: includes identifying and educating the patient about the following six components.

  1. The “dentist” must present all treatment options.
  2. The “dentist” must discuss the advantages of each option.
  3. The disadvantages/limitations of each option must be talked about. 
  4. The risk of each option should be identified and adequately discussed.
  5. The cost of each option must be furnished.
  6. The outcomes of no-treatment should be discoursed.

The dentist/clinician is responsible for providing informed consent (education) to each patient and for each proposed treatment AND there are a variety of ways to do this including:

  • a well trained staff
  • visual aids
  • software and video programs,,computers, TVs/DVDs, iPads or portable tablets.

Client Testimonials

You were so very helpful during my trial and I am grateful to you for it.
- Sheri A. Cooley

You may shred the records.
You were very very helpful and also fun to work with.
- Lori M. Bencoe,
Bencoe, LaCour & Wood Law, P.C.

Your knowledge and comments in reviewing this matter are the type of honest approach we appreciate in an expert witness. Moreover, the research material you forwarded is quite interesting in light of the facts of this case.
Again, thank you for reviewing the case and agreeing to serve as an expert.
- Pieter Teeuwissen,
Danks Teeuwiessen & Associates

I retained Dr. Harold Nemetz as a dental expert in _ v.USA. The case hinged on whether Mr. Unin's dentist exercised the degree of care ordinarily exercised during a tooth extraction. Dr. Nemetz took pains to educate me on the nature of teeth and gums and relevant standard of care, all of which helped immensely. And during his trial testimony, he presented as professional, knowledgeable, unbiased and forceful.
I would recommend Dr. Nemetz to other personal injury attorneys as he is very approachable, engaged and knowledgeable. He was an asset to our case.
- Michele Brown,
Power & Brown, LLC

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